2017 - Liverpool International Horse Show

No rest for the wicked over Christmas for me. It was a great honour to be invited to compete at Liverpool Horse show with Kristjan in the Intermediate 1 freestyle class which was one just before new year. It was a very long trip but Kristjan was really good and travelled very well. We settled him into the stable and went straight for our beds as we had to be up very early the next day for a 6:45 arena exercise! He was really good and took everything in his stride and then there was the wait! 

I was on at 10:50 in the evening!! I was grooming for myself which I must admit I haven’t done for a while apart from doing the local show down the road from me and for those of you that know Kristjan, you will know he has the thinnest mane ever so it was a challenge but I think my plaits were just about expectable! The warm up was surrounded by the trade stands so really busy so I was proud of him for listening to me and behaving himself! Then it was time for me to go in… we entered the arena and to say it was a little different from than in the morning is an understatement. The arena letters were covered in tinsel there were judges tables with topiary behind them and it was nearly a full house which meant nearly 11000 people watching us! Kristjan was totally overwhelmed when we went in, but quickly settled once he heard his music. We had a minor upset at the end of our line of changes where Kristjan thought he’d add another change in, then realised I didn’t want it and got a little disunited but we recomposed ourselves before the next movement and carried on. We might have been 3rd without that little blip which would have been great, but unfortunately we did have it so ended up 4th. But I’m still so proud of him as he came away and behaved himself and hopefully gained a lot of confidence from it all, which was the main aim without the pressure of doing a hard Grand Prix which will hopefully he happening soon! 


2017 - Olympia, The London International Horse Show

Olympia was a fantastic show as expected! Although hugely debatable whether we were all going to get there as the weather decided to take a turn that very weekend and snow blanketed most of the country, we dug our way out and head off. Rufus was good in the Grand Prix but just lacking a little bit of that extra sparkle that we had at our last show. We scored a great 72.66% to come a very close 6th. In the freestyle we had our game face on. We had a brand new freestyle so we were ready to go out there and do our best… so Rufus and danced our socks off to a dire straits soundtrack and rocked out the arena. He was absolutely fab, even going a little too much in the last extended trot but all I could do was smile as he was just trying his heart out and you can never fault a horse for that. Despite not being 100% perfect, everyone was so pleased with our test and the judges rewarded us with a great
 score of 76.9% (so close to that 77 Mark) and leading going into the final riders finally ending in 5th! 

Photo - Paul Ruffle photography

Photo - Paul Ruffle photography


2017 - british dressage national convention

I was fortunate enough to be asked to ride in the Convention with Ulf Moller and Micheal Klimke. 
It was great experience and useful training sessions for Rufus and I ahead of Olympia. It was also a great opportunity to perform and demonstrate training principles that are very similar to ours in front of a British crowd as well as showing everyone how well Rufus is. 
The first day Rufus was very excited to be out. I said my hellos to Ulf and then Micheal who said to me "I'm not sure what to do with you, you're already at the top" which I thought was funny and very flattering! So we worked through the canter work from the Grand Prix trying to demonstrate how it's supposed to look and if there were any areas which I could get more marks and not just settle for a 7.

The second day Rufus knew where he was, so made me work a little harder in front of everyone to get what I wanted but still felt great, running through the piaffe passage work after the walk. He felt pretty good, especially as that was out 1st piaffe of the session and I would normally practice a little more before doing the movements from the test! 
There was a great atmosphere at the convention this year and I hope that everyone enjoyed it and learnt a lot! 



Well a few weeks ago Rufus and I headed off to Oldenburg CDI. After having been away on honeymoon for two weeks and only having just over a week to prepare I was little apprehensive but we've been together a while and I'd like to think we know each well enough to pull it together when it matters, and that we did....
It was a very busy show with a lot of show-jumpers around, which meant training and competition times were a little random. We had the trot up at 8pm and then training afterwards at 10:45pm then the following day at 6:00am! These times are quite tough on the horses (and us!) but that's the joy of indoor shows! Rufus felt great despite the late and early training times and he continued this into his tests. The Grand Prix was great, he felt so good, a little nervous at times but he trusted me and went with me and our result reflected this...2nd place with 74% and new PB! The following day we competed in the Grand Prix special. He was a little tired for the special after the hype of the Grand Prix but he tired his hardest with only a couple of mistakes in his 1 tempi's. We still managed to end on another 74% and 2nd place.
So all in all it was a great show and yet again we continue to prove what great form Rufus is in! 



What an incredible National Championships. 

My boys were fantastic. Kristjan kicked the Championships off for me in the Inter 1 on the Friday. He was super; maybe we could have had a little bit more power but for the most part we had a great test. We just had a minor disagreement about going towards the cars at the end of the zig-zag. I believe we may have ended up a little higher up in the ranks if we hadn't had this mishap but we did so we ended up 11th on 70+% so still not disgraceful and it was very tight at the top in a very hot class.We qualified ourselves through to the freestyle the following day and ended up having a good draw so we weren't too early. We didn't have the best preparation as the heavens opened while we were warming up and I don't think I've ever been so wet; my tailcoat was soaked through, even my feet were wet. Luckily the rain eased slightly before our test, a change of gloves and we were ready to kick some butt! And we did! He danced his way through the test to our JLo soundtrack and I think we brought some joy back to the very wet audience! I slightly over rode the two times, which was a shame but we were still delight to move up into 3rd place with 75+%! He really is a little star! 

Rufus was up in the Grand Prix. My aim for this show with him was to go in a do the best test I could do and show off what amazing form he is in at the moment. And that we did. He was absolutely on fire, literally, I think at times. He was flying round the arena and it is the best feeling to have a horse taking you in the ring as much as he was and enjoying himself. We knew we'd done a super good job but to win was utterly amazing and on a score of 73.78%!

So the pressure was on for the freestyle. I knew Hayley had delivered a good freestyle, so again all I could concentrate on was riding the best test I could. Rufus felt a little tired from all the flying around the day before but as soon as that music started he picked himself up and answered everything I asked of him. It was a nail biting finish as they didn't release any scores until the prize giving and unfortunately with only 0.16 in hand I couldn't quite keep Hayley at bay. I ended up 3rd in the freestyle and Reserve Champion overall. Although of course I'm disappointed not to have won, I would not have done anything differently and Rufus is still a champion in my eyes.  Laura, the team and I are now busy planning our winter season and are keen to get started. My last results and the feeling Rufus has given me makes me really excited for the next shows and I can't wait to get out again but for now a two week honeymoon (finally!) then it's back to business! (First image below courtesy of Sara - Jane Lanning)


I've had a fantastic season so far this year. Since Windsor we decided that we needed to get back in the ring a few more times, as it was very evident that we were a bit ring rusty as we hadn't been in the ring since Rotterdam the previous year. We were selected for the Nations Cup Team at Rotterdam 5* in June, so I ran Rufus at a local show and Wellington Premier League before we went so I was ring ready! We had a fab round at Wellington achieving a personal best in the Grand Prix of 75%! I also ran Unique (Minnie) in the same class and it's safe to say our entry needs a little refining, as Minnie took out the plants that were either side of A as we entered; all you can do is laugh! But we came 1st and 4th so it was a pretty good day in the office.

We went off to Rotterdam with a lot more confidence. The selectors put me last to go in the team running order, so we had time to watch everyone go and see a lot of the top riders have some tricky and spooky rides so I wasn't sure what to expect plus I was drawn after Laura Graves! We had a great ride despite a couple of mistakes in both sets of changes but still managed to come 8th with over 71%, just enough to help the team qualify through to the next round. I was allocated to do the freestyle and drawn in the last group so the light was fading and the floodlights had come on with a nearly full stadium the atmosphere was electric. Warming up, Rufus could sense the big occasion that was upon him so I knew my ride was going to be a little challenging. He was a star though, he did get a bit distracted at moments but came back to me, we still managed to finish a credible 5th place so we were all very pleased. 


Next on the agenda was Hartpury CDI. I was lucky to have three horses entered. Rufus and Minnie in the big tour and Kristjan in the Small tour. Although it's one of the busiest shows I've done, juggling 3 horses (we try and make sure our horses come out several times as well as competing!) I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately Rufus and I were drawn 2nd to go in the Grand Prix and I think this played a slight part in our mark as he did a fantastic test, one of his best, but we only got 71% but we made up for this in the special. It was my 1st special since 2016 as I've only done freestyles this year. I rode for my life produced the best test ever to get another personal best of 76% to come 2nd. This just topped off a fantastic show as Minnie produced some great work and I was so proud of her going the freestyle to Rufus music and really holding it together in that packed out indoor arena! And Kristjan.... well at his 1st international he really did come up trumps, he has never gone so well. He did three tests on three consecutive days and got better and better to finish 2nd in the Inter 1 on a PB of 73% and then went one better to win the Freestyle on a massive 78%! The B's were very proud of their homebred boy!


Shortly after Hartpury the team selection was made. Rufus and I were selected as Reserves for the European Championships. I am very honoured to have been selected as part of the team again, however I can't help feeling a little disappointed this year not to have made the direct team. Rufus is in the form of his life and I believe this has been reflected in his marks achieving several personal bests throughout the season so far and I upward trend in marks resulting in our final result before selection being over 76%. But life must go on. We kept Rufus up and running until the team left for Sweden and once we knew we're not needed it was time for him to enjoy some hacking and field time for a couple of weeks. Now I will pick him back up and prepare him for the Nationals to try and become National Champion! I will also be taking Kristjan to contest the small tour once again so we will try and top our last scores! 

Wish us luck and hopefully see you there!! :)

2017 - The season is starting....

Sorry I've been so quiet, I've been so busy riding all the horses at home as Laura has been busy herself having her second child! 

I've been super busy having eight horses to ride each day, and although tiring, it has done wonders for my riding and the strength that comes with riding eight top calibre horses! Not many people are as lucky as me to have that opportunity! And most importantly I'm now a Mrs!!! Can't quite believe it but I am now Mrs Butler. We had the most amazing day and we were so lucky with the weather as the sun shone down on us, truly is the best day of your life!

We have done our 1st show of this year and it was a very successful one! I entered my horse, Ampy, for two mediums. I'm taking him to do the Judges Convention at Addington on the 18th April so I thought I'd better take him out somewhere first. Despite being a little scared of the other horses in the warm up and having a few excitable squeaks, he was a star in his 1st ever medium with only one mistake where he thought he'd show off his flying changes in a half pass! His 2nd test he was a little switched off. It was the 1st time I'd had to get off him and then one again, because of the times, and I'm not sure he's the type of horse that this suits. But you have to try these things to work out what works and what doesn't. Anyway we had quite a few mistakes in this test but still did some quality work in between. We still ended up winning both on 81% and 77%, which is incredible! 

Then it was Kristjans turn in the Inter 1. Again a run through before the BD winter Championships this weekend. He was some what bright in the warm up but settled down by the time it was our time to shine, and shine he did. He was really good, and showed some fab work which is a relief, our winter training seems to have paid off! We were pipped into second but I thought he deserved to win!

Last but not least my competition debut on Unique, Minnie. I have been riding Minnie since December, so we are still getting to know each other. We entered the Inter 2 to just test to see where we're at and she was so good. We had some excitable squeals in the warm up but really stayed with me during the test so we couldn't have asked for anymore then to top it off we got a winning score of 73%.

Good day off I would say!

may 2017 - Royal Windsor 

Rufus and I went off to compete in the Queens back garden and it was amazing. Our Grand Prix didn't quite go to plan with quite a few mistakes and we felt a little ring rusty but he felt absolutely amazing and I'm so glad to have given him the break from the arena. We regrouped for the freestyle and got ourselves together to pull off one of our best tests (despite a rider error, my legs stopped moving in the 1 tempi's!) ended up on nearly 73% and moved up a place into 5th! 

We have returned home super happy with Rufus and many plans for this season which is very exciting! 


While the B's are away in Switzerland, I've been building up the boys that I ride after their little break. Kristjan and I went to Addington Manor to be a guinea pig for World class selection trials in front of selectors Debbie McDonald and Francis Verbeek.  We rode through the intermediate 1 and then we got a little help afterwards to work on things that in the test that weren't perfect. It was great experience for Kristjan and we picked up some great tips from Debbie and Francis.

We have brought in Viva Lotta from the field this week. She was out having her six week field break but we will now crack on with her ready for the season next year! 

I also took Ampy to his 3rd ever show. We had to use the trailer as the little lorry is in Switzerland with Laura. But he was a pro and it's not a very long journey. Today we tackled the Novice and Elementary. I've been working on more cadence in his trot while keeping him forward into the contact, so wanted to achieve this in the test too. He was totally fab, in fact we had better trot work than in canter which is unusual but a nice change. He felt so much more confident in the ring, considering we have not been out since May! We came away with two more red rosettes to add to his collection and another 80% and 78%. The pressure is on now for the next show.....we have a record to uphold!! 


What a fantastic championships it was, with some huge scores coming in every class, which has got to give us hope for the future that British Dressage have some superstars coming up through the ranks! I myself believe I have one too......!!

I took Kristjan to contest the Saracen Horse Feeds Intermediate 1 class. I got a very last minute wild card and jumped at the opportunity to ride despite the fact that it would mean I needed to find a music with about two weeks to go, as it is now compulsory if you qualify through to do the freestyle on the following day! 

The B's left earlier on in the week for their break in Switzerland along with a few of the horses that Laura rides, so I was going it alone for this one so I wanted to make sure I made them proud. My mum managed to find some time between being show secretary and to come over and be my an eye on the ground to make sure that what I felt looked good as well! 

My 1st ride in the Inter 1 was great; he's still relatively inexperienced in the ring and holds back a little and maybe I could have been a bit braver and ridden for some more but we got a good clean clear round and I would definitely take that! So it was the wait to see what the judges thought and luckily for me they liked it!! We scored 71% and ended up 3rd overall which was awesome!! We got to do our prize giving, stand in the arena and be congratulated by the sponsor and the crowds which Kristjan loves! The lap of honour is always a slightly scary thought we can quite often do a few 'bum lifts' which Kristjan thinks is hilarious but I'm not so keen, but he kept it together! We then travelled home as it's not so far away and we didn't need to be back until the following afternoon so thought it's nicer for him to sleep and rest at home.

The Music! 
We practiced the music a couple of times at home and he seems to really enjoy it so I hoped he would hear the music and want to show off a bit today! And he did! I was also a bit braver and bolder, he just makes me smile when I ride him in the ring because you get a feeling that he's enjoying it and it's not often you get that feeling from a horse in the competition ring. My only criticism would be, and it's not of Kristjan, the music needed to be louder to really rock it! 

I was the penultimate rider to go, so after my test I was waiting around to see if I was needed for the prizing giving. They gave out the rosettes to 4th -10th and didn't give me one so I was thinking the judges hated it or maybe I was in the top 3! They then brought me over a rosette and I was 2nd!! We had moved up a place from the day before! I didn't find out my score until they announced it in the prize giving... 74% which in our 1st ever music we were pretty chuffed about!! 

We also received the highest British bred horse on both days which I hope the B's are very proud of. There are more and more British bred horses appearing in the results and to have one myself that along with the B's we have trained up through the levels is pretty special! 

I also went around and visited our sponsor Albion saddle makers, which I'm very glad I did! Albion have the side business 'Albion England' and they are now designing bags to which I had a choice of! It was a hard choice as I like them all, but I chose a black clutch bag as I thought I can get the most use out of that. The bag went on its first outing on Sunday to go for lunch with my owner, who co-owns Ampy with me as it was her special birthday recently!! I would definitely recommend one of the bags! I also got myself a black patent belt which I wore in competition! It obviously brought me luck, so they also come highly recommended!! 



Rufus is having some downtime now, hacking out and enjoying life while the weather is still nice. 

While Rufus is busy chilling out, Kristjan, the B's homebred that I ride has got himself a wild card for the BD National Championships. This was very exciting until I remembered you had to do a freestyle if you qualify, so we've had to two weeks to find some music and a floor plan but I think we've got something now so time to get practicing so we can hopefully wow you all!! I also had a very nice surprise in the Sunday Telegraph last week. They named me out of hundreds of elite athletes as a starlet that could shine in Tokyo! That is pretty cool and very humbling.! 



RIO! - What an amazing experience! 

So Rufus travelled on the 29th July with the Event horses from Stansted airport. He has flown a couple of times now so I was not too concerned about him flying. His travelling partner was Gemma Tattersalls pretty grey mare 'Pebbles'. He also had his travel mascot 'unicorn' which received a lot of attention from the press!  

Rufus arrived in the early hours of the following morning. He appeared very bright so had obviously flown well and eat, drank and rested just the way he should have done!  The GB team had done a fantastic job of preparing the stables ready for the arrival of the horses, so it was a pretty seamless operation for everyone involved once they arrived. Rufus had a couple of days to rest and explore the venue with Clare taking him out on numerous walks around the place, although at times I think Rufus was probably taking Clare for a walk!

Being at the Olympics is very strange in the most wonderful way. I was so unbelievably lucky to be staying in the village along with the other riders and to say it was incredible is an understatement! Walking around, spotting other athletes, for example Jamie Murray and Kyle Edmund, walking into the food hall and passing Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish, or sitting and looking up to see Rafael Nadal, to name but a few! 

We travelled up to the venue by special Olympic buses on the newly built road that no one else could use. Although the bus journey could be a little like a roller coaster ride at times it was great and it would take about 20 mins to reach the venue, so not the 2 hours everyone scared us with! 

I rode Rufus everyday, some days we worked him more than others, but just enough so he was ready to peak on the Wednesday of the Grand Prix if I was needed. He felt great out there, and he seemed to love the one on one time he had with both Clare and myself. He also enjoyed his daily Physio with Rachel which even made the Daily Mail as the most pampered athletes! 

A further bonus I got while out there was being asked to do some commentary for the Grand Prix by the BBC. It was harder than it looks but I did enjoy and I just hope everyone else did too who was watching! The team did incredibly well and I am very grateful to the BEF World Class team and the Bechtolsheimer's for allowing me to have that opportunity to experience all of what I did. Also to be there when the team won Silver. Truly amazing and a memory I will never forget, being at my first Olympic Games! 

Fingers crossed to experiencing this again

Fingers crossed to experiencing this again


July 2016 - Rotterdam and the Olympics

"Sorry for the very slow update,  but I have been super busy in the last few weeks after getting back from Rotterdam and the team announcement! 

Rotterdam - Wow another amazing experience to put under my belt! Despite the humidity and thunderstorms I had a great show. Rufus was a little unsettled in the stables due to the weather but my did he get his game head on once I was onboard. He worked like an absolutely champion everyday. In the ring he just took it all in his stride. Although the arena is quite open and the crowds are not that close, the noise in the ring creates quite an atmosphere but Rufus seems to thrive in this. We produced two mistake free tests with some real highlights and achieving two 71%+ scores. 

Given it was our last chance to prove ourselves to the selectors I think we did a brilliant job and couldn't have done anymore. Then it was only a week that we had to wait on tender hooks as to who would have made the cut..... And we did! (Sort of!) Rufus and I are travelling reserves for Rio 2016 Olympics!!! Now although there is a slight disappointment not to have made the main team we are still very proud to be part of the whole team and to travel out and support my team and to have this amazing experience!! 

Thank you Rufus you are amazing!!"

April 2016 Horses and Dreams! HAGEN! 

We're back and recovered from Hagen now and looking forward to the next show in a few weeks. 

Hagen is a fantastic show. There is lots to see and do as the jumping is on at the same time, so it draws the crowds in. With the VIP tents running along one side of the arena and there being no space around the outside of the arena, its a tough show for spooky horses. Rufus seems to take it in his stride. He was a bit fresh the first few days but soon settled and produced a mistake free GP and we got another PB of nearly 73%. What more can I ask for. By the special I think he was running out of steam. We had a couple of mistakes but still ended up with over 71% so can't complain! It was great to see some of the worlds best as well and probably what will be most of the German A team for the Olympics. 

Now on to the next, let's see if we can improve again.... "


March 11th 2016 - So the end is near

Our trip is nearly coming to an end out here in Florida. We have one more show to go next week. Rufus has been enjoying some downtime as we've had a couple of weeks between shows. 

It's been a great trip. One of the greatest aspects of this trip is the weather though. The horses love the warmer weather out here; their muscles are so much more relaxed because the heat makes training that bit easier for them. They have all come on leaps and bounds. 

Rufus, the little devil, is throwing new challenges at me everyday. He's doing these Grand Prix movements down to a tee, so I have to find new ways to keep him keen and interested in the job. This is made far easier out here as there is a massive polo field we can canter round and pretend we're eventers for the day! 

Now we're looking forward to returning home after the final show, I will get back to my young horse, Ampy, and crack on him with him and start out European circuit! 

So here's to another successful trip out to Florida! See you all on the other side and thank you to everyone for your support to us.

January 12th 2016 - The Florida Sun

"We've arrived in Florida! All the horses are on top form. Rufus has settled extremely well and is definitely ready to kick some butt out here. The weather hasn't been exactly what we came for but the sun shines for the most part in between the odd tornado warning! 

Our 1st show will be the CDI 5* at the beginning of February so keep your fingers crossed for that

Dec 20th 2015 - WOW WOW WOW

"Wow wow wow!! Olympia still remains one of the greatest shows to attend. 
Our Grand Prix didn't quite go to plan;  I lost the ability to count and only did 13 one time changes and Rufus thought that he would try finishing at X instead doing the last piaffe but other than that it was a great test. We still need to introduce a bit more pizzaz but to still come out with over 70% with mistakes we were very pleased. The Freestyle was a whole other night, I think every seat was taken in the stands and the atmosphere was electric. I had a lucky draw being placed in the second group among the worlds best. Luckily in the freestyle I don't need to know how to count; just to be able to do the minimum amount of changes required then it's up to me how many I do.

I had Dr B and Laura there to help me in the warm up and by the time I was due to go in Rufus felt like we were onto a winner! He went in the arena and danced his socks off, the music felt brilliant in that environment and for the 1st time I knew at the end of our test we had nailed it, and what a feeling that was.

To receive an applause like we did, you just never forget that moment or feeling. To come up from 8th to 4th was amazing and to achieve a PB of 78% was even better, I never dreamed that I would achieve a score as high as that! Olympia was amazing as ever and Rufus gave me the best Christmas present he could. So know it's time to chill and enjoy Christmas and the New Year then it will be packing for Florida for us. 

Happy Christmas everyone and here's to a great and exciting New Year!!"

Dec 5th 2015 - We're off to Olympia!

Rufus and I have had our entry accepted and preparation has already begun! We went through the Grand Prix this week with the Dr over seeing us. We were going for a test that looked full of confidence and I think we have it! A little tweak had to be made here and there but all together Rufus is on top form. Next week will be about the freestyle and preparing to go through that and fine tune each movement so it looks seamless. And that's it....we're ready to leave for Olympia on the Monday. Stay tuned for the competition update......

July 17, 2014 - First Inter 2 and a PB

I travelled down to Hickstead Premier League with Rufus, Andy and Dotty the Bechtolsheimer's new mare. I took Rufus in the Inter 11; his first ever test at this level. It was a trial test and some things went to plan and some things didn't, but we still ended up 5th with 65% and I was very proud of him. Andy and I were contesting the Grand Prix. He was a superstar, despite us both needing the toilet just before we went in (!) but we managed to pull out our best test yet and win on 73%!  

August 07, 2013 - My First CDI

So i am slowly coming back down to reality after Hickstead. I was so lucky to have the opportunity to compete Andretti H in the big tour, and I owe it all to Laura T! I had the best show. The Grand Prix went well but I made a few rider errors and  we ended up on 68.7% which I was still extremely pleased with considering the mistakes. Next up was the Grand Prix Special!

I hadn't run through this test because we were concentrating on the GP, as we had thought I would have a day in between tests to prepare but my draw meant that I didnt! So we went in blind, and it was actually a really nice test to ride. I had to keep reminding myself to ride though, and not just look pretty! But we did it, without any mistakes or major blips and got just over 70%! I was the last to go before the break and I was just super happy with my performance but as the last combinations went all I kept hearing were scores coming in below mine... well apart from Carl and Charlotte who did a brilliant job in preparation for the European Championships next week! I ended up in 3rd. Absolutely crazy! Everyone is so proud of us and Im so proud of Andy Pants, he is an absolute legend and I think he enjoyed it as much as I did!!

May 01, 2013 - Great Day Out

So I did my first Grand Prix! It was amazing, i loved every minute of it and still havent stopped smiling! I still had to concentrate, had Laura in my head the whole time, trying to remember everything that I was suppose to do, and I think I managed ok, only a few mistakes so I was pretty chuffed, and I think Andy was too! Rufus was a superstar too. We've been working really hard over the winter and it seems to have payed off with a win on 73%. There is still a massive way to go but we are definitely on the way up! 

September 16, 2012 - National Championships

Laura and I headed off to the National Championships with Polar Bear (Teddy), Kristjan and Andretti (Andy). Laura was to contest the Advanced Medium and did it in fine form becoming National Advanaced Medium Champion with Teddy on 74%! A future star in the making I believe! Laura and Andy were to defend their Grand Prix title, however with tough competition from Carl, on Olympic ride Uthopia, they had their work cut out. Andy was very keen and tried his heart out but unfortunately had to settled for 2nd place, but still put on a superb performance. For the Medium Championship it was the turn of Kristjan and I's to strut our stuff and that we did. With a couple of mistakes and a few green moments as he has never been in that environment before we came out with 69% and 6th place. We were all very proud of our horses! And now for a little short well deserved holiday of hacking and field time out in Switzerland! The horses love it out there with all the mountains around, they automatically switch off and have a lovely time.